Workshop: Mastering Materials & Textures

Welcome to the "Mastering Materials & Textures" workshop for 3d art teams and companies!

Are you ready to level up your art team's skills and enhance the visual quality of your projects? Perfect! My workshop is designed to provide professional training in materials and textures, empowering your team to create stunning visuals and improve project outcomes.


Hi, my name is Malte Resenberger-Loosmann, and I have over 15 years of experience in the 3D/CGI industry. Throughout my career, I have gained extensive knowledge of game engines such as Unreal and Unity, and I specialize in helping companies improve the visual quality of their materials in real-time projects.

My workshop provides hands-on training through practical exercises and detailed demonstrations. It aims to both beginners who want to strengthen their foundational knowledge and experienced artists looking to refine their skills.

By the end of the workshop, your team will possess the expertise and motivation to take your projects to new heights. With improved material creation techniques and a deeper understanding of textures, you'll be equipped to deliver outstanding visuals that captivate your audience.


Clients & Brands


The Power Of Visuals

Materials are a critical aspect that influence to the overall quality of the visual experience. Therefore, by prioritizing high-quality materials in a 3D project, my clients can enhance the project's visuals, leading to increased customer interest and sales. The choice of materials constitutes a fundamental aspect that significantly influences the quality of the visual experience, thereby playing a pivotal role in attracting potential customers and driving sales in the 3D industry.



The Workshop




Industry experience and workshop overview


Including essentail topics as color management, Substance Painter shader and viewport setup, reference analysis and
scene organization of layers, folders and material features


How to approach different materials like wood, metal and plastics in detail and utilizing them for any project. Pattern creation and strategies in Substance Designer

Advanced Texturing Techniques

Will include anchor points and how to use them also we cover the "dark metals" topic which will show how to create oxide metal, shellac and parkerized metals. Advanced metal creation and distribution of feature layers as dirt, damages and other additions

Baking 3D Assets in Painter & Marmoset

Covers an example asset that will be baked in Painter and Marmoset. There I will show all important settings to create the perfect bake. Also we learn how to automate texture assignments in Painter and specific bake settings and explanation as well as detailed bake terms and texture formats

10 Layers Theory

Teaching a strategy for creating hundreds of materials quickly and in the most efficient way for any game/visual production in high quality.
You learn how to build layers and set them in the most flexible way to adapt to short-term feedback, art direction decisions or any other iterative processes

Feedback Of Tasks, Q&A Session

Ask me anything in regards of materials or experience and we will go over the feedback of small tasks given (optional)

See the full workshop schedule here - each segment is about 1 hour including a 10 minutes break.



Company Values After Workshops

Increased Understanding Of Materials:

Participants gained a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of materials through the workshop. This knowledge will allow them to create more complex and realistic materials that better meet project needs.

Improved Material Quality:

Through the workshop, participants learned how to analyze references and use advanced techniques like baking and textures to improve the quality of materials. This will lead to higher-quality materials being produced by the art team.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Participants were provided with a PDF handout detailing a 10 Layers Strategy, which they can use as a guide for creating materials. This will promote consistency in material creation and help ensure that all materials meet a certain standard of quality. Also it is a valuable shortcut of creating any materials in no time.

10 Materials Library:

Company will be provided with a material library consisting of 10 custom procedural materials that can be used in any projects. This will save time and effort in material creation, and ensure that the materials used in projects are of a high quality.


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